Men's Ministry

The head of the household is a great responsibility that God puts on all men. We respond to that by advancing men to the forefront of their homes as spiritual leaders as well as mentors and demonstrators of that Godly responsibility.  

Join us for our quarterly men's breakfasts and our yearly Fall Retreat. 

(Check "Upcoming Events" for more info)

Upcoming Men's Breakfasts:

Check back for events coming soon!

Men's Bible study groups meet on Mondays and Fridays to accommodate all schedules. We are currently going through a book entitled "How God Makes Men" by Patrick Morley and meet Monday evenings at 6pm in room 1 and Friday mornings at 6am in room 1. We'll catch you there!

Current Events

At Hope Church we realize that people are busy, but we also realize that people NEED people. Because of that, we offer a few ongoing men's events to promote community.

Men's ministry has no more events until January 2023. We'll see you then! Enjoy your families this holiday season.